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List of Participants- as per June 17, 2016

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This list of participants of the 7ECM includes all mathematicians who have registered in our conference system CATS whose invoice status was balanced on
June 17.

All registered persons whose invoice status is *balanced until June 9, 2016 will appear in the final list of participants.* Payments via credit card are immediately balanced. Payment via bank transfer may take up to two weeks.

You are a presenting author and your presentation does not appear in this list?
Then please edit your contribution within CATS. Please go to >User Menu >Manage Submissions. In the very left you’ll find an action item >Manage Authors. Make sure, that you opt-in the correct presenting author as well as the correct order of authors by clicking >Move Up und >Move Down.

PL – Plenary Lecture
IL – Invited Lecture
MS – Mini-Symposium
CS – Contributed Session
PS – Poster Session

7ECM Sections
1. Algebra
2. Number Theory
3. Algebraic and Complex Geometry
4. Differential Geometry and Applications
5. Topology
6. Analysis and its Applications
7. Dynamical Systems and Ordinary Differential Equations and Applications
8. Partial Differential Equations and Applications
9. Mathematical Physics
10. Probability, Statistics and Financial Mathematics
11. Combinatorics and Discrete Mathematics
12. Mathematics Education and History of Mathematics
13. Logic and Mathematical Aspects of Computer Science
14. Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing
15. Mathematics in Science and Technology, Industrial Mathematics
16. Optimization and Control
17. Mathematical Image and Signal Processing