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Scientific Posters

Authors will be asked to be present for questions and discussions during dedicated periods. Abstracts of the accepted posters will be available on the 7ECM website and the book of abstracts after the authors have confirmed their participation and paid the conference fee. Grant awardees get their tuition fee waived.

Authors of posters are encouraged to prepare their material thoroughly. Posters should present the main points of a mathematical work in a synthetic form that can be quickly grasped by other mathematicians. A poster should be displayed on some flat material, usually cardboard, of maximum A0 size, which is 84 cm (width) by 118 cm (height) - i.e. portrait format. Posters will be affixed to ad-hoc vertical panels.

Posters should be delivered to the conference office on the first day of the congress. Only posters of the authors present at the 7ECM will be displayed. Upon arrival at the Congress, registered participants presenting posters will receive information concerning the precise exhibition place and the time for presentation of their posters, when their presence is expected.

The Program Committee has accepted 83 poster abstracts. The Organizers are looking forward to welcoming all scientists who present posters.

All scientific posters can be found in the scientific program.

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Posters within the section 1-8 will be presented on Tuesday and on Wednesday from 11:15-11:45.

Posters within section 9-17 will be presented on Thursday and Friday from 11:15-11:45.


On linear groups with the property of order finiteness of all primitive words in generators
Alexandra Admiralova
Anick Resolution for Generalized Koszul Algebra
Soutrik Roy Chowdhury
On the upper nil radical for near-ring modules
Nico Groenewald
A Note on the Unit Group of 𝔽qSL(2,ℤ3).
Swati Maheshwari, R. K. Sharma
On Normal Graph of a Finite Group
Fatemeh Koorepzan-Moftakhar, Ali Reza Ashrafi
The restrictions of representations of special linear groups to subsystem subgroups of type A2
Anna Osinovskaya

Continued Fractions arising from a Family of Graphs.
Seema Kushawa, R. Sarma

Invariant Nonholonomic Riemannian Structures on Three-Dimensional Lie Groups
Olga Rossi, Dennis Barrett, Rory Biggs, Claudiu Remsing

On generalization of Zermelo navigation problem on Riemannian manifolds and application to search models
Piotr Kopacz
Second Order Parallel Tensors On S-manifold and Hypersurfaces of S-Space Forms.
Fatiha MAHI, Mohamed Belkhelfa
New types of Ricci solitons
George Kaimakamis
Geometry of classical particles on surfaces
Gamaliel Torres Vargas, José Antonio Santiago García
Derivatives of real hypersurfaces in non-flat complex space forms with respect to the generalized Tanaka-Webster connection
Konstantina Panagiotidou
Discrete minimal surfaces
Wai Yeung Lam
Algebraic structures generating reaction-diffusion models: the activator-substrate system
Marcella Palese


Lp Direct Theorem for Exponential Neural Networks
Eman Bhaya
The Alternative Analysis and some Dogmas
Sukhotin Aleksander M.
On Some Classes of Bi-Univalent Analytic Functions
Pravati Sahoo
Scattered locally C*-algebras
Maria Joita
Projective J-representations associated with projective u-covariant (α)-completely positive linear maps
Tania-Luminita Costache
Quadrature rules with multiple nodes and the maximal trigonometric degree of exactness
Tatjana Tomović
A mean value theorem for polynomials of special form
Olga Trofymenko
Mehler-Heine asymptotics for varying Sobolev orthogonal polynomials
Juan J. Moreno-Balcázar
The Convexity Theorem of A.A. Lyapunov: 75 Years, 1940-2015
Pieter Maritz
On the integrability of the functions with monotone decreasing Fourier coefficients
Gulmira Kenzhebekova
One-dimensional differential operators with distributional coefficients
Andrii Goriunov, Vladimir Mikhailets
Applications of the Schwarz Lemma to Inequalities for Polynomials with Restricted Zeros
Lubna Shah

Initial and Boundary Value Problems Including Continouse Multiplicative Differential Equations and Applications
Mohammad Jahanshahi, Mohammad Jahanshahi
Exponential stabilization of a class of nonlinear dynamical systems
Mohamed Ali Hammami
Qualitative Study of Kovalevsky's Top
Fawzy Elsabaa, Elshimaa Abdelbaset, Salma Zakaria
Averaging over the pseudo-orbits
George Osipenko
Delay-coupled Kuramoto-oscillators on random networks.
Stefan Ruschel
Existence of solutions for delay differential equations
Fayçal Bouchelaghem, Abdelouaheb Ardjouni
Markov State Models with reweighting
Luca Donati, Bettina Keller

Asymptotic many phase soliton type solutions to Cauchy problem for a singular perturbed Korteweg-de Vries equation with variable coefficients
Yuliya Samoylenko
Reaction Diffusion Equations and Applications
Djemaia Bensikaddour
Stochastic Black-Scholes equation with time-fractional derivative on the half-line
Jorge Sanchez, Martin P. Arciga-Alejandre, Francisco J. Ariza-Hernandez
Fractional stochastic heat equation on the half-line
Martin P. Arciga-Alejandre, Jorge Sanchez-Ortiz, Francisco J. Ariza-Hernandez
Nonhomogeneous elliptic equations involving critical Sobolev exponent and weigh
Ali Rimouche, Mohammed Bouchekif
Multiplicity of solutions for quasilinear elliptic equations with variable exponents
Hueili Lin
Ancient solutions to the Navier Stokes equations in half space
Tobias Barker
Hoelder continuous solution for spherically symmetric 3-D model of a compressible viscous micropolar fluid
Loredana Simčić, Ivan Dražić, Nermina Mujaković
Linear Generalized Q-Holomorphic Functions
Sezayi Hızlıyel, Yeşim Sağlam Özkan
Stabilization of the Timoshenko system with two boundary time-varying delays
Salah Zitouni, Rachida Amiar
Advection-diffusion equations with random coefficients on moving hypersurfaces
Ana Djurdjevac, Charles M. Elliott, Ralf Kornhuber
Integration of the discrete system of Ablowitz-Ladik with self-consistent source
Iroda Baltaeva, Gayrat Urazboev
Boundary value problems for a third-order loaded integro-differential equation with parabolic-hyperbolic operators
Umida Baltaeva
Nonclassical symmetries and exact solutions of nonlinear reaction-diffusion systems
Oleksii Pliukhin
Numerical approximation of the solution for 3D compressible viscous micropolar fluid model with cylindrical symmetry
Ivan Dražić, Nelida Črnjarić-Žic, Nermina Mujaković
Lyapunov-type inequalities for fractional partial differential equations
Mokhtar Kirane
On some problems of cusped double-layered prismatic shells
Natalia Chinchaladze
Knotted structures in high-energy Beltrami fields on the torus and the sphere
Francisco Javier Torres de Lizaur
On elliptic problems involving multi-singular inverse square potentials and multi-critical Hardy-Sobolev exponents in ℝN
Tsing-San Hsu, Huei-Li Lin
Berikbol Torebek

Einstein-Hilbert Lagrangian induced on the linear frame bundle
Eugenia Rosado, Luis Pozo
On Integration of the Equations of Incompressible Fluid Flow
Valerii Dryuma
Modular forms generated by vertex operator algebras on Riemann surfaces
Alexander Zuevsky, Alexander Zuevsky

Bayesian fractional growth model selection
Francisco J Ariza-Hernandez, Jorge Sanchez-Ortiz, Martin P. Arciga-Alejandre
Genetic algorithm and ant colonies optimization heuristics for clustering binary data
Javier Trejos, Alejandra Jimenez
Generation of pseudo-random numbers from given probability distribution with the use of inverse chaotic transformations
Marcin Lawnik
Concept of Statistical Causality and Extremal Measures
Dragana Valjarevic, Ljiljana Petrovic
Statistical causality with finite horizon of the past
Ljiljana Petrović, Slađana Dimitrijević
Importance sampling for metastable processes by optimal control
Jannes Quer
Prior estimation and Bayesian inference from large cohort data sets
Ilja Klebanov
Preserving information of a time-dependent system: an ordinal viewpoint
Inga Stolz
Estimation of copula functions for stationary time series with heavy tails and strong time dependence
Anna Mazur
The Improvised Generalized M-Estimator to Remedy Multicollinearity Caused by High Leverage Points
Habshah Midi, Mohammed A. Mohammed, Sohel Rana

Developments in the Khintchine-Menardus method for asymptotic enumeration.
Boris Granovsky
On Extremal Vertex-Degree-Based Topological Indices of Trees with Given Parameters
Bojana Borovićanin
On the Topological Indices over Chemical Trees
Vladimir Božović, Žana Kovijanić Vukićević, Goran Popivoda
On Some Distance-based and Degree-based Topological Indices Over Unicyclic and Bicyclic Graphs
Vladimir Božović, Žana Kovijanić Vukićević, Goran Popivoda
Enumeration of the elements of GF(2n) with prescribed trace and co-trace
Yuri Borissov
Weighted digraphs and tropical cones
Georg Loho, Michael Joswig
Deleting edges to restrict the size of an epidemic spreading on a graph
Jess Enright, Kitty Meeks
Order of maximum Sachs subgraphs in graphs
Mehdi Aaghabali, Saieed Akbari, Zakeieh Tajfirouz
Brauer-Cartan-Hua type conditions on division rings
Mehdi Aaghabali

“Thou shalt find his fruits after many days”. Cantor’s works in Russia
Galina Sinkevich
Jan Ziarnko, seventeenth-century artist and mathematician
Ada Palka

First results about groups with a count function
Omaima Alshanqiti

Mathematical modelling of discontinuous processes in a computer tomography by means of discontinuous splines
Iuliia Pershyna
Approximate Calculation of Triple Integrals of Rapidly Oscillating Functions with the Use of Different Type of Information about Function
Olesia Nechuiviter
Polynomial interpolation with known projections on an arbitrary system of N groups of lines consisting of M parallel lines
Hurdei Evgenia
PhaseSpace a program to analyse dynamical systems.
Anton Ferre
Trigonometrically Fitted Semi-Implicit Hybrid Method for Solving Special Second Order Oscillatory Differential Equation
fudziah ismail, Sufia Zulfa Ahmad, Norazak Senu

A model of competitive interaction in cancer and healthy cell populations
Izabella Stuhl, Yuri Suhov

A Dynamic Analysis of Sovereign Risk in Developing Countries: applying geometric qualitative methods of dynamical systems
Edgardo Jovero
On the quasivariational inequalities
Nevena Mijajlovic, Milojica Jacimovic
Optimal Control Problem of Some Parabolic Hemivariational Inclusion - Galerkin Approximation
Andrzej Just
Methods for solving quasi variational inequalities
Nevena Mijajlovic, Milojica Jacimovic, Vladimir Bozovic

Reproducing pairs and Gabor systems at critical density
Michael Speckbacher