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Call for Nominations of Candidates for The Otto Neugebauer Prize for the History of Mathematics

Principal Guidelines

The Prize is to be awarded for highly original and influential work in the field of history of mathematics that enhances our understanding of either the development of mathematics or a particular mathematical subject in any period and in any geographical region. The prize may be shared by two or more researchers if the work justifying it is the fruit of collaboration between them. For the purposes of the prize, history of mathematics is to be understood in a very broad sense. It reaches from the study of mathematics in ancient civilisations to the develop- ment of modern branches of mathematical research, and it embraces mathematics wherever it has been studied in the world. In terms of the Mathematics Subject Classification it covers the whole spectrum of item 01Axx (History of mathematics and mathematicians). Similarly, there are no geographical restrictions on the origin or place of work of the prize recipient. All methodological approaches to the subject are acceptable.

Nominations for the Award

The right to nominate one or several laureates is open to anyone. Nominations are confidential; a nomination should not be made known to the nominee(s). Self-nominations are not acceptable. It is the responsibility of the nominator to provide all relevant information to the Prize Committee, including a CV and a description of the candidate’s work motivating the nomination, together with names of specialists who may be contacted.

Description of the Award

The award comprises a certificate including the citation and a cash prize of 5000 €.

Award Presentation

The prizes will be presented at the Seventh European Congress of Mathematics in Berlin, July 18-22, 2016, by the President of the European Mathematical Society. The recipients will be invited to present their work at the congress.

Prize Fund

The money for the Prize Fund is offered by Springer Verlag.

Deadline for Submission

Nominations for the prize should be addressed to the chairman of the Prize Committee, Professor Jesper Lü̈tzen (Copenhagen University). The nomination letter must reach the EMS office at the address given below, not later than December 31, 2015:

EMS Secretariat

Ms. Elvira Hyvönen
Department of Mathematics & Statistics
P.O.Box 68 (Gustaf Höllströmink. 2b)
00014 University of Helsinki