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Timeline to 7ECM

2015-09-01 Call for Proposals: grant program/contributed sessions/mini-symposia/posters
Beginning of the registration for the 7ECM
2015-10-31 Deadline for mini-symposia
2015-11-01 Application deadline EMS Prizes
2015-11-30 Announcement of accepted mini-symposia
2015-12-31 Application deadline for grants
2016-01-30 Deadline for Letter of Recommendations (grants)
2016-01-31 Deadline Felix Klein & Otto Neugebauer Prize
2016-02-01 Application deadline for satellite conferences
2016-02-15 Deadline for poster submission
2016-02-29 Deadline for contributed talks
2016-03-15 Announcement of accepted contributed talks and posters
Announcement of the scientific program
2016-04-01 Raise of the registration fee
2016-05-23 Deadline for Final Editing of Abstracts
2016-06-09 Deadline for paying the of conference fee. Only participant whose invoice status is balanced until then will appear in the congress documents. Please note that payments via bank transfer may take up to two weeks.
2016-06-15 Final Program, Book of Abstracts and Final List of Participants to be published
2016-06-15 Registration Deadline for the Opening Ceremony of “Transcending Tradition”
2016-07-17 On-site registration begins
2016-07-17 EMS/EWM Survey Lectures 2016
2016-07-17 Opening “Transcending Tradition” at the Jewish Museum Berlin MathFilm Festival begins
2016-07-18 7ECM begins


  • 1. Algebra
  • 2. Number Theory
  • 3. Algebraic and Complex Geometry
  • 4. Differential Geometry and Applications
  • 5. Topology
  • 6. Analysis and its Applications
  • 7. Dynamical Systems and Ordinary Differential Equations and Applications
  • 8. Partial Differential Equations and Applications
  • 9. Mathematical Physics
  • 10. Probability, Statistics and Financial Mathematics
  • 11. Combinatorics and Discrete Mathematics
  • 12. Mathematics Education and History of Mathematics
  • 13. Logic and Mathematical Aspects of Computer Science
  • 14. Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing
  • 15. Mathematics in Science and Technology, Industrial Mathematics
  • 16. Optimization and Control
  • 17. Mathematical Image and Signal Processing