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Information for Speakers and Chairpersons

Speaker guidelines

Audio-visual services: All session rooms will be equipped with a beamer and a laptop. Additionally, the rooms have either a black board or flipcharts. Microphones are available in rooms where they are required, i.e. small rooms will generally not be equipped with a microphone. If you are facing a problem in your session room related to technical needs or any other requests, please contact one of the technical assistants wearing a red T-shirt.

Please arrive at your session at least 15 minutes before it begins. All presenters in a session should set up and test their presentation during this time.

Speakers are asked to have their presentations saved as a pdf document on a USB flash drive.

We kindly ask all speakers to follow these guidelines to ensure a successful presentation! Thank you very much for your support!

Any last minute cancellations will be posted outside of the meeting rooms and on the website. 

Session chair guidelines

All plenary, invited, dedicated and contributed sessions will be supported by a chairperson. Organizers of mini-symposia are of course chairing their sessions themselves. There will be no chairpersons assigned for the poster sessions.

Generally the last speaker of a contributed session will be the chairperson. One exception to this rule are the combined contributed sessions. Here the chairperson of the Invited Talk before is also the chairperson of session afterwards.

The role of the chairperson is to coordinate the smooth running of the session, to introduce each speaker and to facilitate the discussion. The chair begins and ends each session on time. Each contributed talk is scheduled for 20 including discussion and change of speaker. Please stick to the order of talks and times announced in the program.

You are wondering how to chair an academic session? This video summarizes the tasks: