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11 August 2016 | 12:19 pm

The podcasts finally found their way to our homepage!

All videos can either be found in our Youtube-Playlist or scattered over our site depending on the content: The opening and closing ceremony can be found here, whereas the Plenary Lectures and Special Lectures are on their corresponding sites.

Statements about the conference

25 July 2016 | 10:40 am

Read what other participants think about the 7ECM in Berlin:

Most time we spend our time discussing our problems with people from our field. And this conference is one of the few opportunities that offer such a broad overview about what is going on in Europe. It was very inspiring to go to talks from other fields than mine, especially to see what kind of developments there are in the pure mathematics – like for example that exciting ones from Peter Scholze.”
Massimo Fornasier, Munich (Germany)

It is a really big event for young scientists as well as for older ones. It is very impressive and offers good opportunities. For me it was especially interesting to visit the Math Career Day to get to know about future perspectives.”
Nataliia Krupko, Lviv (Ukraine)

“This was for me the first really big conference with such a broad spectrum. It was a good thing to listen and talk to people from areas not so close to mine – especially since the scientific level was quite high.“
Guido De Philippis, Trieste (Italy)

It was a real congress – very impressive, very big and very nice – with nearly too many coffee stations. The range of topics was very wide. Nevertheless, for me it was especially interesting to also catch some impressions from my field – tropical mathematics – and how it is developping in Europe.“
Nikolai Krivulin, St. Petersburg (Russia)

From a general perspective there were two highpoints for me: I am very happy that they now have the Hirzebruch Lectures of which I gave the first one. He was my teacher and a great man. And I am also very happy that there is now a series of lectures in the history of mathematics. Very many mathematicians are interested in that, including me. And I think it is good to give that field more importance.”
Don Zagier, Bonn (Germany)

I enjoyed a lot being here. The highlights for me were the public lecture by Alessandra Celletti about the history of some outstanding women scientists, that was fantastic and well balanced; and the exhibition Women of Mathematics throughout Europe. And we had very good EMS/EMW survey lectures organized by the European Women in Mathematics (EMW).”
Margarida Mendes Lopes, Lisbon (Portugal)

It was a well organised conference. I really liked the Mini-Symposia and it was especially interesting for me to discuss my results with other people.”
Hai Zhang, Hongkong

What is at the same time a challenge and a benefit of such a global European conference is, to make a community. People are working in so many different fields, and if we want to get all the value out of maths, we need to make a community. This is also important to face the challenges of the future e.g. in terms of finance. And such kind of conference makes me quite enthusiastic.”
Patrice Hauret, Michelin (France)

Typically I go to more specialized conferences. The Mini-Symposia were really good – and a great opportunity to hear people talk and to meet people whose work you have read.”
Yvonne Kamper – California (USA) and Vienna (Austria)

It is a very broad conference and for me as a specialist in a very narrow area, it is sometimes difficult to follow the talks since they are very fast and often not made very understandable. But what is great here is to get to know new people, also some of my field. At my University I sometimes feel a bit isolated because we do not have so close connections to the rest of Europe. And therefore it is also a great opportunity to learn what subjects are of interest in the mathematical community.”
Andrii Anikushyn (Ukraine)

It was a great chance to give a talk at a European Conference, especially in Berlin, and to get feedback for my work. I enjoyed meeting some good people working in Europe and having interaction with some areas that are not so close to mine.”
Roberto Machado Velho (from Brazil, working in Saudi Arabia)

I am more involved in scientific publishing now, especially in digital mathematics libraries. So for me it was interesting to discuss the future of publishing in many meetings and also to meet some publishers.”
ǐrí Rákosník, Prague (Czech Republic)

I especially liked the exhibition: I got a lot of inspiration here and took several books which will accompany me during the next years of my studies. And I also enjoyed the many possibilities – like during the Welcome Reception – to talk to very different people on par – that gave a lot of inspiration too.”
Jonas, Berlin (Germany)



Conference Dinner – Photo Gallery

22 July 2016 | 10:38 am

A slideshow with photos from the conference dinner is online now:

Math Career Day starts at 14:30

21 July 2016 | 1:38 pm


Don’t miss the 7ECM forum  with companies’ presentations in H104.

It starts at 14:30 – unfortunately the first talk at 14:00 by Allianz had to be cancelled. But you can meet Allianz in the Lobby.

The full program can be found here.

Some highlights from day 2 and 3

20 July 2016 | 3:54 pm

Have a look on some highlights from yesterday…

P1000696 Kopie

Plenary Lecture by Barbara Wohlmuth


Timothy Gowers introduces the First ECM Abel Lecture

P1000705 Kopie_b

An Abel-Laureate gets prepared…


…for his Abel-Lecture: Endre Szemerédi…



…makes his audience listen carefully.


Meanwhile the “IMAGINARY” Exhibition is opened with a glass of wine…



…to experience different kinds of spaces.


A journalist at work: Frank Grotelüschen (DRadio) interviews Patrice Hauret (Felix Klein Laureate) on Tire research at Michelin


The next Generation sniffs some Congress Atmosphere


Mathematicians in contact with their home base? Or just reading shocking news about the Turkish Government ordering back turkish scientist from all over the world…

“Women of Mathematics throughout Europe” opens today at 18:30

20 July 2016 | 1:30 pm

Don’t miss the opening ceremony of this “Gallery of Portraits” in the Math-Library, Room
MA 162-169, Math Building opposite the Main Building.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-07-20 um 12.40.56

More information:

Prior to this, Alessandra Celetti will give the “EMS/EWM Survey Lecture 2016”, a public talk with discussion on: “Chaotic routes that shaped the universe: a history of some outstanding women scientists” (16:30, Main Building H 0104)

You find the program of the opening here.

From there we can leave together for the Conference Dinner…

Laureates – Photo Gallery

20 July 2016 | 12:50 pm

A special slide-show with all the prize winners is online now.

Click to view slideshow.

Photos from the Jewish Museum online

19 July 2016 | 2:50 pm

On sunday afternoon, the exhibition “Transcending Tradition – Jewish Mathematicians in German-Speaking Academic Culture” opened with a special ceremony in the Jewish Museum.

Here you find a slideshow with some photographic impressions of this event and the first visitors of the exhibition.

Click to view slideshow.

First photos online

18 July 2016 | 9:00 pm

To watch the news blog with first conference photos: Please look under
…Well, it seems to work this way as well…


7ECM opens the doors

© Kay Herschelmann


Registration is fun

© Kay Herschelmann


The Congress starts with the Opening and Award Ceremony

© Kay Herschelmann


Prof. Volker Mehrmann, Chair of the local organizing committee, welcomes everybody

© Kay Herschelmann


Welcome Note by Berlin’s State Secretary for Science Steffen Krach

© Kay Herschelmann


Prof. Christian Thomsen, President of the TU Berlin

© Kay Herschelmann


EMS President Prof. Pavel Exner introduces the prizes

© Kay Herschelmann


“Hauptstadtblech” with a brisk interlude

© Kay Herschelmann


Prof. Martin Bridson and Prof. Pavel Exner during the laudatio for the EMS prize

© Kay Herschelmann


All Laureates Group Photo

© Kay Herschelmann



Otto Neugebauer Prize Lecture by Jeremy Gray on Poincaré and Weyl


Don Zagier in the First Hirzebruch Lecture on “The Arithmetic and Topology of Differential Equations”



Welcome Reception with Beer and Pretzel



7ECM inaugurated with prize ceremony

18 July 2016 | 1:45 pm

In a packed Auditorium Maximum of the TU Berlin, the 7th European Congress of Mathematics was declared open by the Chair of the local organizing committee Prof. Volker Mehrmann. Welcome notes by Steffen Krach, State Secretary for Science from the Berlin Senate, and Prof. Christian Thomsen, President of the Technical University (TU), pointed out the honour for Berlin and the TU to host this large quadrennial european event. Krach referred to the long standing mathematical tradition of the German capital, dating back to the 19th century.

Prof. Pavel Exner, President of the European Mathematical Society (EMS), thanked the local organizing committee and recalled the recent political events that might also influence the situation for fellow scientists.

Introduced by the brisk music of “Hauptstadtblech”, the opening continued with the Award Ceremony: A total of twelve pizes were awarded by Pavel Exner and representatives of the different prize committees.

„One of the first decisions of the newborn European Mathematical Society was to distinguish every four years ten most promising young mathematicians, and it was a wise decision“, said Pavel Exner. „The previous prize committees were succesful indeed in choosing the laureates. This is clear from the fact that one of each six was subsequently awarded the Fields Medal, of which at most four of them are awarded every four years by the International Mathematical Union. We hope that this year’s prize committee has made an equally successful pick.“

This year’s ten EMS Prizes for outstanding young researchers were awarded to:
Marc Braverman (USA), Vincent Calvez (France), Guido De Philipps (Italy), Hugo Duminil-Copin (France), James Maynard (GB), Peter Scholze (Germany), Péter Varjú (Hungary), Thomas Willwacher (CH), Geordie Williamson (Australia), and Sara Zahedi (Sweden).

This year’s Felix Klein Prize for industry-related mathematics was awarded to Patrice Hauret (France).

This year’s Otto Neugebauer Prize for the history of mathematics was awarded to Jeremy Gray (GB).

Further information about the laureates can be found here.